Summary Edit

The shadow agency hire beans to kill people and eventually betray them as Vagan once let down

"We're both dead beans" ~ Vagan
"I Get irritable" ~ Killer Bean

"I will suck your dick for $20" ~ Detective Cromwell

Members Edit

Known members of the agency:

Leader of the Shadow Agency

Dark Bean

Shadow Bean 1

Shadow Bean 2

Shadow Bean 3

Thomas Baker

Thomas Belsey

Ethan Marais

Viran Yodlepork

Matt Skittles

Jet Bean


Mobey Dick

ricky gervais

carlton banks

larry the cable guy

larry the cable girl

larry the cable neither

adam sandler

adam sandlers wife

adam sandlers child



sherlock gnomes


Edward good


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Now the Agency is running under its own rules and, like Vagan put it, is just a guns for hire.

Under Government Rule Edit

While the Agency was under the governments rule they followed suspicious persons to apprehend and/or kill them. The Shadow Beans (agents) would be sent out to observe people the government thought where no good. Vagan is known to have chased after one of those organisations for years.

Current Edit

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