if you want to take him down. you better bring backup


Killer bean, (or Jack Bean by his real name) is an assassin who worked for an organization called the Shadow Agency. He was dispatched into Chinatown to assassinate the mayor of the city. During his mission, he met a bean named Choua, who got him through his mission. His mission was kill the mayor of Chinatown, but before he could kill him, he met a woman who was mute (could not speak). She later found out about him being an assassin and broke up with him. That night, Killer Bean successfully killed the mayor, and escaped the cops. After this incident he was called up for another mission, to take out the second-hand man of Cappuccino, corrupt agent Vagan (Dark Bean), who was now living in Beantown.

The War between Killer Bean, Vagan, and Cappuccino. Edit

After the china town incident, Killer Bean moved to an apartment in Beantown. Later, in the early hours of one morning, Killer Bean awoke at 2:42 AM, because a warehouse down the street had been throwing a massive party. Killer Bean made a call to Cappuccino's nephew, who was running the party, and blasting the music, said on the phone: "You come down here suckah, then we can dance". Killer Bean hung up the phone, got in his sports car, and drove into the party, destroying the stereo. After a brief gun fight that ended up killing Cappuccino's nephew, Killer Bean left and went back to his apartment. The next day, Cappuccino learns about the warehouse shootout. After a brief conflict on the phone with his boss, Killer Bean heads downtown to one of Cappuccino's suspected warehouses, only to find that there was nobody present. There was however, a sticky note on a dolly that read: "Shadow bean, you are too late". Suddenly, massive bullets fired from a 50-Caliber sniper nearly hit him. They were revealed to have been fired by Vagan. Killer Bean destroys Vagan's rifle scope, and Vagan leaves. Killer bean goes into a bar, directly across the street, and orders a drink. Meanwhile, Detective Cromwell finally tracks Killer Bean down, and goes into the bar. They discuss the night about the warehouse shootout, and Cromwell gives Killer Bean a new address to Cappuccino's central warehouse. That night, Killer Bean breaks into the warehouse, and kills the gang members guarding it, but one member calls in backup, highly trained operatives trained by Vagan. When they arrived, Killer Bean killed all of them without struggle. Vagan later arrives on his motorcycle and incapacitates Killer Bean. Cromwell witnessed the incident and calls in for backup. Cappuccino arrives to the warehouse shortly after Vagan, blaming Killer Bean for his nephew's death, saying that he was always such a "sweet boy" and he "wanted to be a DJ". Killer Bean escaped the chair he was strapped into, and told Cappuccino that he wasn't actually his target, Vagan was. Cappuccino was reluctant to leave at first, but later left after a death threat. He fired Vagan as he left, which caused Vagan to kill him. After a brief standoff between Killer Bean and Vagan, explaining how the Shadow Agency betrayed Vagan, Killer Bean shot him. Vagan fell to the ground, dead. Directly after Vagan was killed, Cromwell called dispatch again, this time asking for everyone. As the cops arrived, Cromwell convinced Killer Bean to stay the night in a holding cell. Meanwhile, Jet Bean, another skilled shadow agency operative, assaulted a police officer to get to the police station. He killed all of the police, and made his way downstairs into the holding cells, holding Killer Bean's guns. A fight occurs, ultimately ending in Jet Bean's death. Killer Bean makes his way back upstairs, and outside. He uses Jet Bean's encrypted cell phone to call his former boss (as his phone was deactivated because his employment was terminated) and told him that he is coming for him. He drives off in an armored truck, packed with machine guns and ammunition.

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