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Jet Bean is one of the main bad guys seen in the film. He is the same height as Killer Bean and looks Asian hes

est de 5 ' 10 et est 161 livres.

First AppearanceEdit

Jet bean is slurping noodles when he gets a call from the shadow agency to go to bean town to recieve a mission he leaves without paying and is attacked by a chef who tells him never to return and eats p00p lol

Second AppearanceEdit

Teleports in Capuccino's warehouse using an Ender pearl

Third and Final Appearance Edit

Jet bean arrives at the city hall where he was to be put in prison although this was his plan so he could get to killer bean he dispatches the police officers who try to prevent his escape he walks over to killer beans cell and gives him his guns he then rips the jail door off and engages in combat with killer bean filled with slow mo and ragdoll effects killer bean flicks a bullet into the air and shoots it with his gun causing the bullet to be shot from it's casing killing jet bean lol jet bean stanky